Schedule Your Sprinkler Blowout!

Sprinkler system winterization Includes Our No-Damage Guarantee

Proper sprinkler winterization prevents costly damage from pipes and components freezing. Call or log on today to schedule your winterization before it's too late. We guarantee the outdoor components of any system we winterize against freeze damage, as long as your sprinkler technician certifies it (check with him for details when the system is winterized). We are scheduling now and our list is filling up fast.

Important Sprinkler Saving Tips:

  • Make sure your sprinklers are not set to run! While the frozen sprinkler picture is cool, it is both expensive and avoidable.
  • Frost doesn't mean your sprinklers will freeze.
  • If you have an above ground back-flow prevention devices, it's best to winterize before Mid-November! At least drain and wrap it if temps are going to fall below 27 overnight.
  • If you have seeded, leave your sprinklers on for 3 weeks after you seed.
  • Temps above 27 are no cause for concern but below 27 for more than a couple hours can be trouble for systems with above ground backflow prevention devices.
  • As always, feel free to call one of our experts at any time for advice for what to do in your specific situation.