Our Standard Leaf Cleanup Program:Fallen Leaves Raked into Heart Shape on Green Grass Lawn-1

2 lawn only leaf clean ups

  • First in late fall
  • Second in late November or early December
  • Mow/mulch the entire lawn
  • Bag all the leaves that are in the lawn

1 final leaf cleanup for the lawn and all flower beds

  • Done in late December after most or all of the leaves have fallen
  • Clean out all the flower beds
  • Mow and bag the lawn and all leaves on your property
  • Call for pricing:

Leaf Vacuum Service:

  • You pile up your own leaves (leaves only please no bags)
  • No further than 10 feet away from the curb 
  • We will come pick the leaves up, no need to bag them or store them

One Time Leaf Cleanup:

  • We will come out one time and pick up the leaves as you direct us
  • The service must be done within 2 weeks of the proposal 
  • Most customers end up needing a few cleanups so they just stick with the program vs. a one time service
  • Call for pricing:

To get pricing and to get on the schedule for any of these services

  • Fill out the form on this page
  • Call or text 913-782-8315
  • email service@customlawn.com

Leaf pickup is truly one of the most difficult chores to handle on a lawn. Let us take care of the hard work and you take your weekends back. Our job is to make your life easier!